Jeffrey was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He studied biosciences at the University of Costa Rica and later at the National Learning Institute, where he earned his certification as a general naturalist guide for Costa Rica. His first travels abroad to the United States and South America taught him the importance of being conscious of other cultures. This awareness is what led him to want to educate people about his own culture and into the field of ecotourism. He started working as a guide in early 1998 because he wanted to be closer to nature as well as to the Costa Rican people. These experiences, as well as his travels to Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Europe made him aware of the importance of nature, its conservation, and the world’s cultural heritage.

“My experience as a licensed naturalist guide over the past twenty years has been invaluable. I have worked with groups in Costa Rica’s main continental and marine areas that include: professional photographers, journalists, wholesalers, senior citizens, families, students, naturalists, bird watchers and adventure travelers. All of these people have been the main inspiration to continue with my personal environmental and cultural education.”

He received his Photo Instructor certification in a multi-day training workshop. Developed and taught by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions photographers, the workshop helped him develop additional insight and skills in Nature photography.

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