How to customize your trip

As you know by now RainForestPhotoTours creates 100% customized trips!  Our company will ensure that every itinerary is designed to fit your personal interests and specific requests.

With this in mind, it is important to understand that the process of customizing your trip is very, very simple. We can do this in several different ways as outlined in the steps below.

1. Begin by sending an e-mail to RainForestPhotoTours using our “Contact Us” Page or to our e-mail address .   Include in this email some basic information: your general travel dates and the number of days you have available to “invest” in your exciting “Life Experience” in Costa Rica. You will receive a response very quickly from RainForestPhotoTours asking you more questions which will help us to start to plan your trip and to provide you with the best advice based on your interests.

2. Next click on the tab titled “Where to Go” on the Home Page.  Listed under that tab are 10 suggested areas of Costa Rica with popular attractions of each area.  This will get you started in deciding what areas you would like to visit and the activities you are interested in doing.  When you have a list of great ideas, send it to us in a message using our “Contact Us” link or to our email address,  Here is where the magic begins! The experienced staff at RainForestPhotoTours will gather all your information, offer advice about the schedule, and assemble an amazing itinerary based on your personal preferences.

3. Browsing through sample itineraries can speed up the planning process.  Simply click on the tab titled “Sample Itineraries” on the Home Page and take a look at them.   Any of these itineraries can be used as a “Base Itinerary” to begin developing your program.  RainForestPhotoTours will add to or delete from these Sample Itineraries any activities according to your wishes.

At RainForestPhotoTours we promise that your vacation will be customized according to what YOU want!   We believe this is what you deserve and will result in the best holiday of your life!!!